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Art of Grace Slick
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Art of Nusa
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Much like her music, Grace's art ranges from soft and cuddly to somewhat outrageous with a little psychedelic influence mixed in along the way. Grace began drawing as a little girl. She did several Christmas cards and sketches that are the only record of her earliest work. Although she kept sketching and drawing through her life, on the advice of her book agent she began drawing portraits of rock legends along with loving scenes with her animals. Several of these images were used as color plates in her book SOMEBODY TO LOVE.

Since that time Grace began to develop the WONDERLAND SUITE which continues to be an outlet for her creative expression. The works the Wonderland suite demonstrate her love for animals and reflect a certain attitude that was evident in her music and now transcends into her art.

In contrast there are several beautiful nudes done in the classic Sumi style.
These drawings and etchings contain a certain sensitivity that instantly draws the viewer into the mood of the piece.

By using a wide variety of mediums Grace achieves a wide range of styles
that incorporates Pen, pencil, watercolor, acrylic paint and even some scratchboard pieces. She is using the new printing technology as part of the creation process for the limited editions in the collection. After digitally scanning the original piece it is printed and Grace does several versions over the original until she feels that the piece is right.

This licensing program presents one of Rock's true icons in a wonderful new light


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Art of Nusza

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