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You either know SQUAT or YOU DON'T KNOW SQUAT . . . and of course you can give it or if you're not so lucky, you can GET SQUAT. But non the less; The Prince of Pranks and his band of 55 loving funsters are always finding mischief in dealing with real life & fantasy situations that influence today's kids. Comic strips and electronic greeting cards featured on the Squat website.

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Mesmerotica® is a hypnotic enchantress with awesome powers of mind control, intoxicating eyes who uses her powers to combat corruption, terrorism and evil? Or does she? Perhaps she's secretly amassing an army under her control to take over the world. Check the ongoing adventures of Mesmerotica® to find out!. Ongoing webisodes, contests, graphics, greeting cards and more featured on the Mesmerotica Website.

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DFX© has been the technology of choice for companies such as Topps, Marvel, At-A-Glance, Anheuser Bush, Coors, Seagram's, Coca Cola, Dr. and Pepper 7-Up for close to a decade. Featured on over a half a billion dollars of retail licensed products. Contact us to see how this patented technology can work for your company.

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Art of Nusza

Throughout her career NUSZA’s works have adorned the most prestigious Hotels of St. Maarten and been featured on dozens of consumer products that have stood the test of time. Her signature use of vibrant colors in hundreds of paintings has solidified NUSZA as one of the premier artists of the Caribbean.

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Michele Jackson

Known for her unique blend of music that transcends Blues, R&B, Jazz and Adult Contemporary genres. Michele was born in Australia and has been singing professionally for over a decade.

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Michele Jackson Homepage

Grace Slick

Much like her music, Grace's art ranges from soft and cuddly to somewhat outrageous with a little psychedelic influence mixed in along the way. Grace began drawing as a little girl. She did several Christmas cards and sketches that are the only record of her earliest work.

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Art of Grace Slick Homepage


Cristiana has sold her work nation wide to various art dealers. Cristiana is the drummer for a well-known music group in Arizona called W.O.M.B. Warriors of Make Believe. Through her involvement in the music industry, her art has been featured on the covers of various record albums. Cristiana has also compiled her paintings, poetry, and song lyrics into a book.

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Art of Cristiana's Homepage

Utilizing the worldwide recognition of ULLR... the Norse God of All Things Winter to focus dealer and consumer attention on your products and services.

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All categories available including Apparel, Videogames & Software, Gifts & Novelties, Game & Trading Cards, Greeting Cards, Publishing, Stationary, Drinkware, Food & Beverage, Electronics & Plush

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