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Christiana Joy Wiley
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Christiana Joy Wiley

Cristiana Joy Wiley - was born in Mexico City in 1976 to a large and renowned artistic family. Cristiana's Grandmother, Martha Joy Gottfried, is a famous muralist throughout Mexico and one of her main role models. Cristiana's older sister Marta Wiley is an internationally known artist represented by Wynn Devon, one of the top art dealers in the country. Cristiana began painting at age 3, at age 7 her mother recognized the exceptional talent she exhibited and enrolled her into the Prince Art School in Miami Florida. At age 13 Cristiana moved to Arizona to attend South Mountain high schools acclaimed advanced art studies. There she graduated with first place honors in photography and painting. In 1994 she was accepted into the Arizona Watercolor Association, and was awarded a scholarship to attend San Francisco Art institute. Cristiana chose to attend the art program at the U of A in Tucson Az. following in the footsteps of her artistic mother. Cristiana's extensive portfolio granted her acceptance into graduate level art classes as a freshmen in college and she quickly consumed what the instructors had to offer. Tucson's vibrant art community allowed Cristiana the freedom and creativity to evolve as an artist, she found the support of fellow artists inspiring and continued to live and work there. Cristiana was making a name for herself exhibiting her work in local Coffeehouses, College art exhibitions and street fairs. In the summer of 1995, she took a job as an assistant designer for a large art group in Phoenix, and with the money she earned she traveled throughout parts of Europe visiting museums to enrich her awareness of art. Today Cristiana lives in Phoenix Arizona. Taking on large commissions as a muralist and designer for the interiors of the prestigious Sanctuary nightclub in Scottsdale Arizona and private residences. Cristiana has sold her work nation wide to various art dealers. Cristiana is the Drummer for a well-known music group in Arizona called W.O.M.B. Warriors Of Make Believe. Through her involvement in the music industry, her art has been featured on the covers of various record albums. Cristiana has also compiled her paintings, poetry, and song lyrics into a book. Cristiana specializes in portraying the human form and it's many emotions. She often says her sole reason for making art is that she's "obsessed with beauty." Cristiana continues to work in a variety of different media's and styles, often combining them to form rich mixed media pieces.


All categories available including Live Action Feature Film/Cable/TV, Animated Feature Film, Cable/TV, Videogames & Software, Game Cards, Greeting Cards, Stationery, Drinkware, Food & Beverage, Electronics.

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